Application Reviews

Application reviews are good for existing apps, or partially made apps which need a little usability love. It’s not uncommon for teams to overlook some simple usability best practices, which if implemented, would make your users happier and your product sharper. Highly recommended in conjunction with user testing.

Blue Sky Concepts

Blank slate? No problem. StandoutUX can fill in the blanks, and design a prototype that could be used to sell or validate an idea.

End-to-End Design

Delightful design, outstanding conversion, and loyal engagement isn’t as simple as drawing rectangles with a wireframing tool. Standout UX requires understanding the expectations, incentives, and emotions of your customers. Let us meet your business requirements and create loyal, engaged users with outstanding design.

Usability Testing

Whether for mobile or desktop, Standout UX can help your business better connect with your customers by observing how well the product or prototype works–or doesn’t–for them. We’re experienced in creating prototypes, writing test plans, recruiting end users, running the tests, and delivering actionable recommendations in our report.